10 Small Lies That Can End Your Marriage Forever

We all know that a healthy relationship is built on trust. Without trust, nothing is possible. You can’t truly love and care for your partner. The small lie that you think is not that big can soon turn into a large one, which can end your marriage forever.

If you really love your other half and want your marriage to be a successful one then, be careful. We have a list of small lies which you should avoid, to save your relationship.

“I want/don’t want kids”

When you are getting married to someone be an open book. Children are very important in everyone’s life after marriage. So be clear to your partner about whether you want kids in the future or not. Suppose you don’t want kids and you lie to your partner that you want kids then it might hurt your significant other in the future.

“I don’t have money issues”

Telling lies about your financial situation is not good. Your spouse has every right to know about it. And maybe by sharing, your spouse can help you to get out of this situation.

end your marriage

“I love your favorite…”

Try not to lie and say you adore the things your life partner cherishes if you don’t. It’s natural for people in new relationship, to start doing things that their partner likes. But once you are tied forever you start to lose your interest in those things. So, be honest.

“I don’t have any contact with my ex”

If you are friend with your ex, then tell your spouse without any fear. Your other half trusts you and believes that you won’t cheat no matter what. Don’t lie and act suspicious, that can be worrisome for your partner.

“I’m Fine”

If something is bothering you, and you are not fine, let your partner know that. Don’t say I’m fine or everything is fine as most of us say at first place. Let your partner help, you lighten your burden. If you will lie to your spouse, they will feel unconnected.

“I’m not happy and it’s your fault”

Everybody face problems in their life, don’t blame your partner for them. Don’t take out your frustration on your partner. Figure out what is the problem and talk about it with your partner. Useless frustrations will only damage your relationship, nothing else.

“I don’t have another email address”

As we discussed earlier, your spouse trusts you, so don’t break their trust by lying and hiding your social media channels or by not telling them about how many email addresses you have.

“I don’t care”

Sometimes it’s okay to say I don’t care, but not always. If you’ll say I don’t care every time it will irritate your partner. And then your partner won’t even bother to ask anything.

“I’m not struggling with…”

Don’t lie about your struggles or addictions. If you are addicted to something bad like alcohol or drugs, then tell your partner. Your spouse will most likely help you through it.

“I married the wrong person”

Never think or tell yourself or anyone that you married a wrong person. Nobody is perfect everybody has some flaws, but this doesn’t mean that you married a wrong person. You need to get out of this mindset and then everything will be okay.

So, always be honest. Don’t risk your married life by lying to your partner, not even small lies.