Watch Out For 10 Silly Habits That Can Damage Your Relationship

Not talking is an escape from fighting or argument.

In order to avoid fighting or continuous argument, couples find escape in not discussing their problems. They are unable to find proper closure to the problem and come to finality that not talking to each other will extinguish the fire between them. The disputes stay unsettled like many others and make a chain of misunderstandings.

Pretending is a way to please your beloved.

This is also your duty to stay truthful and honest to your partner, even if it can potentially hurt their feelings. But it can save you from the ensuing pressure when you give them the wrong idea about yourself and raise their expectations.

Making fun of their feelings in games and poking harmless jokes.

It may not seem to bother you but harmless jokes may trigger someone else’s feelings in a wrong way. Unintentionally, you stir negative emotions and spit out words in fun games that are not easily taken back. You may try to act funny but someone close to you is taking it personally. Be careful in the choice of your words.

You seem disoriented is not what your partner would like.

Your relationship will grow when both of you will keep everything together, even yourself too. A disoriented person isn’t clear about life goals, let alone relationships. You should take care of your physical and mental health. Go and see a psychiatrist if you feel you have anxiety issues and you are not able to cope with them on your own. A professional opinion will work in your favor.

Never settle on anything.

Some people are just too stubborn to be pleased. Hardly any reason could make them happy. Otherwise, you will hear a lot of complaining and whining from them. Don’t be such a pigheaded person. You should start seeing things with compassion when you are sharing your life with someone close to your heart.

Dramatic fights in public.

When things can be sorted in a civil manner and privately then there is no need to bring your personal story in front of public. Crowd needs entertainment and you are giving them enough to talk about it for days. For the sake of peace and sanctity of your relationship, keep your private affairs private.

Being silent is hurtful.

You believe that the silent treatment will make your partner realize that you are hurt. Actually, it will do opposite. You should tell your partner that you are angry and the reason behind it. If you are keeping everything inside and not allowing yourself to vent out then you are getting yourself hurt. This will also increase the gap between you and your partner.

Blame game.

You are not trying to put off the blame game. You always keep tabs on your partner for the number of fights that happened in the past. Maturity of a relationship is only achieved when you two support each other to grow and be the best versions, not being the ones to bring each other down.

Lie upon lie.

It is not difficult to understand that in order to hide a truth you have to create a chain of lies that will never end. It will only end on pain and broken hearts.

Self indulgence above anything else.

People get into a new relationship but they can’t change the way they love their own self more than their partner. A relationship focused on one person can’t sustain for long.

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