10 Signs Unexpectedly You’ve Met Your Perfect Match

Experiences teach a lot about people and habits. Worst scenarios always leave marks in the memories permanently. It seems as if bad experiences in the past will always repeat and will haunt us hence we can never make a good relationship in the future. But fate plays its part and unexpectedly you’ve met your perfect match. It says, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel”. You’ve to believe in the positive and good shall come your way.

However, some instances seem uncomfortable in life and it’s hard to relate to something good but it turns out after a bumpy ride you’ve reached your destination.

1. You think he lies and cheats you so you test his sincerity

Your bad relationship experiences in the past have made you skeptical about boys and so you think that all boys are going to be the same. You question his motives and intentions all the time but this time, things are different.

2. You expect him to disappoint you but he always proves to be the opposite

Your disappointments in people who’ve broken you in previous relationships have made you believe that every boy will disappoint you and will leave you in suffering but he is proving it wrong.

3. You think he makes false promises but he keeps all of it

You’ve had a lot of broken promises in the past but this guy fulfills all his promises.

4. You’re willing to play the game but he’s serious for you

Other guys have had enough games played with you and now you’re trying the same with him but he’s not like other boys, he is serious for you. You’re not a game for him rather a strong relationship commitment, he values a lot.

5. He makes everything easy and you wonder why it couldn’t be like this before

He makes you feel miserable for the past experiences just to make you realize that how much you have already missed out and now is the time to live everything with ease.

6. He offers apology and you think unexpectedly you’ve met your perfect match

Most men believe that they are exempted from giving apologies. But this man is proving it wrong. He offers his apologies for his faults.

7. He is not pushing you without your will and he bears maximum patience

How often do you see men giving comfortable space to women? But this guy is making you comfortable by showing his patience with you. He doesn’t force against your will and this is unfamiliar territory for you.

8. You tow have a fight and he is resolute to fix it before going to sleep

Disagreements and conflicts are parts of relationship. You’ve had many in your past relationships but it’s different this time. Your guy is willing to resolve issue and he doesn’t want it to linger long therefore he wants to find a solution on which you two can make an agreement to.

9. He treats you nicely even when you don’t

You know he bears with your harsh words and always gives his warmest smiles in return which makes you uncomfortable about him but he thinks you don’t deserve to be treated with disrespect.

10. His honesty makes you uncomfortable

You’ve always met men who have been dishonest with you but this guy speaks truth whatever the consequences would be just to give you respect.