10 Signs To Make Sure You Are A Backup Plan Or A Real Deal For Him

1.He tries to avoid special dates with you.

Couples get close to each other through dates. They know more details of their lives when they spend time together. Your man not interested in planning dates with you is not at all interested in your life and keeping this relationship for long.

2. He’s rather good without you than in your company.

Is it difficult to reach him when you need him or does he make it hard to be reached at all? He always comes up with a new excuse for not getting along with you or to respond you when you need him the most. He’s finding escape away from your company and that’s why you can’t reach him.

3. He keeps his life to himself.

What good is a relationship when partners don’t share with each other? It’s only you who is telling him every detail of your life and even making yourself vulnerable in front of him. In return, he will never disclose his life details to you and he will not make the effort even.

4. He hides his feelings from you.

What he truly feels for you will never come straight from him or he doesn’t want you to get comfortable with him. He will make you believe that his leash in your hands when in reality he allows you only to the extent what he has already planned for you. He will make you run and guess what he truly feels about you but will never show that he is not interested in you.

5. He is in good mood only when he wants to fulfill his physical needs.

Unfortunately, it’s a hard truth but men use women to satisfy their physical needs and often they keep a relationship only to get away with their masculine desires.

6. He will fiddle with his phone more than be attentive to you.

He will pretend to give you attention when you are talking to him but in real he is not interested. You can ask him after sometime what you told him minutes before. He is distracted even if he pretends he is listening to you. If he has his phone in his hands when you are talking to him then he is not at all listening to you.

7. He is secretive with you.

A man not sharing his privacy with his lady is not serious about his relationship. This is just a relationship to kill his time when he has nothing else to do. He is strict about touching his personal belongings or using his phone. There is no level of comfort you can share with him.

8. He doesn’t want his closed ones to know that you are in his life.

You don’t know till this time if he has family or friends that you should know to get close to him. The truth is he doesn’t want you to get into his social circles because you’re not the one he is planning to spend life forever.

9. He doesn’t care to celebrate special occasions with you.

Even your birthday or anniversary, he forgets every time and even if you give him an early reminder then he makes an excuse of being busy somewhere else. He lacks enthusiasm for special occasions and it is just a normal thing for him.

10. He doesn’t try the effort for you to fall for him.

As he is keeping you as a backup plan and your relationship is not a real deal for him so it doesn’t really bother him if you fall for his love or not. So to save your pride, just move on and find someone better.

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