9 Signs You Should Be Glad Now That You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

1. You are OK with being a little cautious because you realize that your words and actions have effects not just on yourself anymore.

Self-realization in a relationship is vital because you are aware that you are not alone anymore and whatever you do or say will have a consequence, either positive or negative, and you have to accept that. This insight will help you to improve on the aspects of your personality that you have not given importance to before. This also doesn’t bother you much because you are comfortable in your relationship and are ready to accept the new developments.

2. You are accepting your own vulnerabilities and this doesn’t agitate you any longer.

Acceptance of your vulnerable sides is hard for anyone. However, you seek trust and honesty in a relationship and that is only achievable when you allow yourself to come as transparent in front of your partner. You are being confident about that your weaknesses will not be used against your will and happiness and your partner will respect every shortcoming in your personality. You have an understanding streak and you are glad that you are in the best relationship of your life.

3. You welcome every chance of conflict because you are sure that there will be a plausible solution.

People avoid conflicts because they don’t want to end up in arguments that will trigger negative energy around their relationship. But, if you see from another perspective, arguments are the ways to scoop out solutions and come to a point where there is a mutual consent. You feel fortunate that you and your partner don’t shy away from discussions because your bond is strong enough to withstand any potential argument.

4. You have no problem in swallowing your pride and give in when your partner is right.

Partners, when try to win over their places, never compromise on their pride. In best relationships, there is no such problem in acceptance that the other one is right and you are wrong. Likewise, you are in a relationship where you don’t argue for winning and you don’t have any problem when your point is being proved wrong.

5. You are comfortable when things don’t go your way every time.

A relationship survives hardships when both partners are respectable to each other’s decisions. A mutual consent affects on the longevity of a relationship. It doesn’t bother you when things don’t turn out as you think they should be. You are aware that teamwork wins in the end.

6. You don’t mind that your relationship is changing you as a person.

People say that relationships don’t change you. In fact, relationships do change people for their own good when they are not forced to change. There are always potential chances that you improve yourself when you have a partner who loves you as you are and are not demanding for unnecessary changes. The environment of a relationship encourages you to reflect the best version of yourself. Your personality is constantly developing into better and best with an understanding partner.

7. You think of not just yourself but together.

Together you want to achieve the best for your relationship. Your own life is not just the only priority for you but now you have another person who has an equal importance in your life as yourself. You are fine with the fact that if you have t make a few compromises here and there then it won’t affect you much.

8. It doesn’t bother you much when you push yourself to improve your abilities.

Certainly, you want the best for your relationship and your partner. They don’t deserve a mediocre version of yours and you are encouraged to improve on your abilities.

9. You also take stress and pressure when your partner is in.

You don’t wish to stay calm and selfish when the whole world is in crisis. Everything that bothers your partner, every pressure that your partner is in, has become your very own. You’ve realized that whatever good or bad is there you have to share together.

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