10 Signs in Guy that Shows He’ll be a Good Father

Are you dating a guy? Do you want to marry him in future? If answer to these questions is in yes, then you should inquire few things before you actually take the decision of marrying him. The most important thing you should consider before marrying a guy is that you should have confidence in him that the person you are marrying will not only be a good husband, but a great father as well. There are some signs that can tell you if your boyfriend will be a good father or not.

Gives importance to little things

He will value your teeny weenie moments of happiness. You will see your boyfriend putting efforts to make you happy by just making you breakfast or coffee in the evening. If your boyfriend cares for such little things right now, then it means that he will surely value everything that is related to your kids’ upbringing and happiness.

He will be playful

In case your boyfriend likes to be playful with you and he does enjoy unexpected laughter, then he is totally a father material.

Willing to watch your favorite movie

If your boyfriend/husband takes time out and takes you out to watch your favorite movie and equally enjoys, then he will definitely watch frozen movies with your daughter.

He will take care when you are sick

If your love takes care and watches you closely when you fall sick, then it means that he has the nature of protecting and nursing those, whom he love.

Good at fixing things together

Husband who can resolve and fix household problems without having any need of professional, then it means he could be a great father. He can be a guiding force for your kids.


Those who are patient and do not lose temper on teeny weenie stuff, they can be good fathers. Being a father asks a lot of patience for handling and guiding the kids.

Managing things on odd times

If your husband has flexibility of changing his rules on special occasion just to make you feel happy, then he will let the kids stay up late at night on New Year’s Eve so that kids can enjoy out of the routine and can also make breakfast for kids before they go to school.

Not hesitant in showing affection

If your boyfriend/husband freely shows affection for you in terms of hugs and kisses, then he is going to be very caring and soft for your kids in future.

Just protective not overly protective

If your love protects you but does not stop you from fulfilling your wishes/goals, then it means that he gives you space to explore the world. He will do the same with kids and will not overly protect them.

Strict at times

A man is like the captain of ship. So, a husband and father should be strict in following the rules at times, as it helps in keeping the discipline of the house.