10 Signs He Loves You And His Expression Of Love Is A Proof

Girls think that love needs assurance, every second, every minute, and every hour of the day. They remain in a dubious state whether their guy feels love for them or he is just killing time. It’s considered that verbal expression of love is the only way to share your feeling but it’s not true, physical expression is stronger. Though, it’s hard to read mind of your guy but you can read the intensity of his love for you in the following ways:

1. He knows how to balance everything.

He has his priorities all well-balanced. His focus is on your needs and attention. Your comfort is the top most priority and this is his way of telling you that he cares about you.

2. He makes sure that you don’t have inconvenience in any way.

We get to know the personality when someone takes care of your convenience and willing to put their own self into trouble for that, you should put your worries at rest because he loves you with his heart and soul.

3. He introduces you to his friends.

You are part of his social circle. He is not hesitant when introducing you to his group of friends because he wants everyone to know that he has serious feelings for you and you are precious.

4. He likes to spend every minute of his time with you.

Whenever he gets free slots in his daily schedule, he makes sure that he spends that with you. You are important in his life and this is observed when he spends most of the time with you.

5. He makes you comfortable even in intimate moments.

If you are not ready for physical intimacy, he never makes you uncomfortable. He wants you to feel the warmth and intensity of his love when you trust him completely. He wants to win your comfort and heart first.

6. He is a literate man who treats woman equal.

You have always found him civil and wise in his actions and words. When he says that he considers women equal to men, he is actually meant it.

7. He is most interested in your passions.

He likes the lively vibe when you discover your passions and interest and share with him. He encourages you to pursuit what you believe inspires you and drives you in life. He is himself passionate that’s why he understands your urge.

8. He respects your space.

He gives total respect to your boundaries. As he understands in acknowledging physical space, he is also respectful to your emotional space. He is not a person to violate your boundaries on his will and wish.

9. He has unwavering commitment to you.

You can see this when he around other beautiful girls, it makes you satisfied when he pays no heed to them and comes back to you. His commitment to you and the relationship is unwavering and you feel secure with him.

10. He is not hot and cold.

Sometimes, you need a strong shoulder to cry your heart out and he gives you one. His temperament is consistent and you know that you can rely on him at all times.

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