10 Signs He’ll Love You In Good Or Worst

Despite your highs and lows or flaws and cracks, he’ll love you in god or worst because he is not an average sort of guy, he is a keeper and loves you for who you are.

1. He is interested in your personality than your looks and that’s why your bad or funny hair doesn’t put off his mood.

Your guy tells you that you look beautiful even when you have bad hair days. People focus on looks than personality but he isn’t. He finds you beautiful in every look and makes sure that he passes some nice remark whenever you are around.

2. He loves you with all your flaws and imperfections, you’re special to him with or without makeup.

No wonder, he is smitten even after all the flaws visible on your face, he still takes your face in his hands and tells you that he loves you.

3. Your age is least bit of concern for him.

He is a real guy who believes that nature has its toll on skin and physical condition of a person according to the age. You have a special place in his heart and age is just a number, he will love you forever. His respect and devotion for you aren’t going to change despite the effects of timeline because he is more interested to see the transformation of people through every passing year.

4. He wants to see you healthy, over-weight or under-weight is not a problem for him.

He loves your soul and your body shape and size are not the factors he is after. He loves the purity of your heart and the optimistic aura around you. He finds comfort in your arms when he comes back home and peace of heart is the only thing attracts him to stay with you.

5. He will back you up morally and financially.

He respects all of your decisions and that also includes if you don’t want to work and give all your time to family. Though, it will put pressure on him financially but he stands by your decision and gives you full support morally.

6. He doesn’t leave your side when you come home with a bad mood.

He shows his unconditional loves when he makes you feel calm after you have had a bad day at work or you get cranky on something. Sometimes, you turn rude and insensitive but he still backs you up and handles all of your mood swings.

7. He gives you freedom to live your life on your own terms.

He believes that both of you are mature people and know very well what is good or bad for yourself. He never questions your decision just to take control over your life. But, wherever he finds that you need guidance, he never hesitates to give you good advice on life matters. He is a person to give freedom and space to the other person just like he needs for himself.

8. He doesn’t intrude your space.

When you ask him for some time and space outside of your relationship, he respects that and lets you be. His love and support would be your driving force to stay contented and love him in return.

9. He doesn’t want to change you to his own liking.

He loves you with your good or worst phases. He would never demand to change your personality as per his own liking. It’s a big sign that he loves you unconditionally and he never asks you to change your original self.

10. He has nerves to sustain all of your attitude and moods.

He is a strong person and he shows that by taking all sorts of your mood and attitudes that you throw at him. He is ready to take outburst of your emotions because at the back of his head he is content that this is just temporary feelings of yours and soon will disappear.