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10 Signs Your Guy Is Planning To Propose You Marriage

planning to propose you for marriage

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10 Signs Your Guy Is Planning To Propose You Marriage

There is always a gut feeling when something big is about to happen soon. You are being worried these days of his changing behavior but your guy is planning to propose you for marriage. Scroll down to see what hints you can look out for to know a marriage proposal is on the move soon.

1. He is saving more.

He has been a reckless spender before and now, suddenly, he’s more concerned of his savings. This change of habit could be one of the reasons that he has started saving for the big day. He will even hide from you by saying that his savings now will help you both in a rainy day.

2. He talks ‘We’ instead of ‘Me’.

Now-a-days, if he uses more ‘we’ than ‘me’ then this indicates his interest in making your relationship to a commitment. He never asked you before when going on adventure treks or for a late night party but currently, he includes you everywhere and never plan anything if it doesn’t include you.

3. He has more married friends.

His friends are getting married one by one and this intrigues his desire to settle as well. Friends are a big influence and they would share their experience of married life which will make up his mind to start a long-term relationship with you.

4. He seeks for your opinion.

Whatever the big or small matters will be, he will seek your opinion first and then consider his take on it. He is seeing you not as his girlfriend but as his wife therefore, your suggestion matters a lot to him. He will treat you differently, not the way he was acting earlier when he was going through every decision by himself.

5. He is willing to share his insecurities.

When a guy opened up to his girl emotionally then it’s become evident that there is some big change about to happen soon. He doesn’t feel insecure to talk about his vulnerability anymore. He is accepting you as his life partner, and being his soul mate you have every right to know about the inner or outer of his life. He will willingly show you thorough his heart and that will be a great sign from him for the big day.

6. He doesn’t cringe on your moods.

Are you noticing him handling your tantrums, lately? Well, he is the guy who will look after you in your crazy moods because he knows how to handle you the way nobody else does.

7. He will go shopping with you.

He is ready to take you into his life because he is no more feeling awkward going on shopping with you or even carrying your shopping bags while you scroll through the aisles. He is seriously thinking about settling in with you and has already accepted you as his wife because he agrees to go with you outside whenever you ask him for it.

8. Your guy is planning to propose you for marriage, his life is no more passwords protected.

Does he give you his credit card to go shopping? Does he no longer put his phone on pin password? Does his cheque book stay in your reach? Girl, he is getting ready to propose you soon. Be ready!

9. He respects your passion.

He is supporting your aspirations and dreams the way no other man has supported before. He knows your passion and is well-aware that your plans are so important in your life. He has made necessary calculations and you are going to be his future wife.

10. His family likes you.

Family is important to know when your guy will propose you. If his family likes you and you are receiving family invitations for close gatherings then be ready, his parents will suggest marrying you.

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