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10 Signs A One-Sided Relationship Will Make You Sad

one-sided relationship

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10 Signs A One-Sided Relationship Will Make You Sad

In the beginning, nothing is visibly clear, whether your partner is as serious about you as you are. It takes some time when signs start to appear in an odd manner than you usually expect and then it becomes harder to accept the reality and walk away from. A one-sided relationship is far from a fulfilling experience and you always look for something to hold on to till you decide that it’s better to step away and find someone who would love you in return as you love them.

1. You’re more involved for scheduling plans.

It seems like you are forced to make all the plans when both of you have equal responsibility towards your relationship. You do all the scheduling and choosing places for mutual activities, they are seem to be less interested or if better say not want to be involved in anything.

2. You’ve their back, but you are not sure if they’ll do the same for you.

Your relationship is the number one priority in your life and you’d go to extreme lengths to do what makes them happy. However, you never have that feeling for you rather you feel that would they ever take you serious.

3. You don’t feel safe and can’t share life details with them.

Not for a single day, you feel that you should put your guard down and share everything you’re your partner. It appears that emotional closeness is always missing and before you are sure you don’t want to take the risk and be vulnerable in front of the. In case you urge to keep your secrets within you and wear a protective shield whenever you two are together, means that you can’t trust your partner and without being honest you can’t have a complete relationship.

4. There are no intimate moments you’d want to share with them.

You two have lives out of your relationship but that doesn’t mean that none of you have time to spend with each other. You’d rather stay outside with your friends than be with your partner at home because there nothing intimate you’d feel for your partner. The same you’d see from your partner and therefore, it’s better to relieve this obligation make yourself free from the hassle.

5. You have to apologize to please them.

Why does there a need to apologise when you haven’t done anything? But you still do, because you will either lose your relationship or make your partner angry. You believe that if you would mend for the things then your partner will melt for you and will love you more than ever. In reality, it never happens and you have to live in the sulking feeling ever.

6. You wait for long to get a text or call from them.

You also have work to do but you always try taking out time to contact them and checking up what they are doing or how they are feeling. But it becomes clear now that asking them for a quick text or a call is too much to expect from them.

7. You always have this feeling that something is not right.

There is always room for better and improvements but what if you feel that something is not right at all and you need to fix everything. Your insecurities are increasing day-by-day when you have to be relaxed content with the person you love the most in your life. You may end up in a one-sided relationship and that’s why you are stressed at all times.

8. You are afraid that they would react strange if you’d ask them to go somewhere with you.

Because they don’t want to spend time with you and according to your partner, the schedule is super busy to take out time for leisure. You rarely get any romantic time with them. Or, maybe they are just ignoring you.

9. Your family and friends are noticing friction between you and your relationship.

Unending questions and your efforts to comfort your friends and family has become a usual thing now. You don’t like to defend your relationship every time and face any of their questions because it starts appearing that something is actually not fine between both of you.

10. You partner is still private about some details of life and you’re not involved in it much.

As much as you try to make them an essential part of your life, they don’t give any regard to it. There is a part of their life where you are not allowed to go and they keep details private. This is a big sign that they are not serious about you.

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