Who doesn’t like compliments? Flattery notes, appreciation, gratitude in the form of love, are important parts of a romantic relationship. Every husband loves to hear his woman saying his praises, whether in crowd or alone. Compliments work like energy for husbands to keep on doing good and more for his wife and family.

The following are 10 popular sentences every man loves to hear from his wife:

1. “Honey, I made you a special breakfast?”

What more one wants than an early morning surprise in the shape of breakfast tray right at your bedside table including: eggs, turkey bacon, freshly squeezed juice or fresh brewed coffee/tea.

2. “I trust your decision”

There is no doubt in admitting that a man of the house makes crucial and sensitive decisions for the family. By saying him that you trust him and his decisions will give him strength and contentment.

3. “I’m glad that I married you”

People do sacrifices to live together. Tell him that you are glad that you brought him in your life.

4. “You’re a great husband and an amazing father”

When he takes the daddy charge and treats children gently, tell him that you knew from the beginning that he would make a great father. Your compliment will work as an encouragement for him to continue being a super daddy and an amazing husband.

5. “You were right; I took the wrong decision”

When you realize that you’re wrong in your argument with your husband then it’s better to admit in front of him and put your pride down. He’ll give you more respect.

6. “I have total faith in you”

This shows your husband that whatever the circumstances will be, your faith and support with him will never let him face failure in life.

7. “You complete me?” is the most lovable expression a husband loves to hear

Tell him you would not live without him and your life is incomplete if it’s not with him. You would never imagine your life without him as he is your biggest support system and completes your life. This tender expression will remind him that you two are inseparable.

8. “I recorded your favorite talk show while you’re away”

You know that he never misses on his favorite talk show but today he has to catch up a meeting. Be a good wife and record his favorite show so that he can watch it afterwards. This act of kindness for your husband will make him believe that he has an important place in your life and you own him with heart.

9. “I love you and will always do till last breath”

Three magical words every single day will work as adrenaline gushing through veins in the body. He is the love of your life, father of your children and no one can take that place ever. Remind him this that your love will never fade for him.

10. “Let’s spend some time together”

When kids go to their beds and all the work is sorted then it’s your husband’s and your time to spend special moments together and make up for the longing of the day.