10 reasons you hook up with the wrong person every time

It’s time for you to pay heed to what your friends or family suggest because all your decisions, earlier, have been disappointments for you and for the people around who see you suffer in pain. You have been taking decisions without really giving a thought to what is good or bad for you. Perhaps, the following reasons would justify why you hook up with the wrong person every time.

1. You look for excitement and adventure:

A serious relationship has never been on the list or priority for you. Excitement and drama always attracts you in people and things and that is the reason you have had wrong and failed relationships.

2. You fear being end up alone without any romantic relationship:

You think a toxic person is better than nothing in life. However, what you don’t realize is this person gives you unwanted stress and you are taking it because you fear that without them you will end up alone.

A wise person will suggest you to proudly live being a single than being stuck with an overly-attached control freak.

3. You feel compelled that you can fix people:

One time is acceptable that you think you can change a person but you are failed in doing so. You need to focus on yourself and on your life more than hurling yourself in the same situation again and again.

4. You like challenges in life and a difficult partner:

Though, you like to overcome challenges and thaw difficult people but relationships are entirely different than professional work. You should admire a challenging person in your life who would bring out good version of yourself, not the worst.

5. You like the feeling to be loved and desired by another person:

The need to feel happy never comes from another source but your own self. There is a dire need for you to look inside and love things that you are good at. Don’t expect from someone else to put together your pieces, you have to do that yourself.

6. Your standards and self-respect are lower:

There is nothing wrong to ask for things you deserve, you should put your self-respect on priority before anything else. Sadly, your standards and self-respect are lower therefore you don’t think much before you hook up with the wrong person every time.

7. You are not true to yourself:

You have a lot of extraordinary qualities that many people don’t have and you undermine all of those. You can’t expect from a person to give you desired respect when you are not ready to give it to yourself. You need to dig deep inside and put some light on your strengths to bring yourself up.

8. Too easily you invalidate your feelings:

You cannot expect an honorable person to enter your life when you deny your own feelings. This is one thing that you can’t compromise in life. In the beginning of a relationship, you don’t even acknowledge your own emotions but you regret it when at one point you realize that invalidating your emotions was your biggest mistake.

9. You don’t make the rules of your relationship clear to your partner:

Boundaries are really important to set at the start of a relationship. You let toxic people play with your life when you don’t tell them what’s okay and what’s a definite no to you.

10. You are afraid to make commitment:

Many people fail to realize this soon that they are afraid to make commitment and that’s why they end falling for wrong people.

You need to give yourself a lot of time to straighten up things for yourself. You need to understand the things that make you truly happy. Don’t settle for something that is a piece of resentment in your life and nothing else.

Image Via: Lucía Alonso