What makes a good woman? How do you know the girl you are dating will be perfect as your wife? You might be in a relationship with someone with whom you love to talk all night and spend time, but you are not sure if she is the one.

So, consider these qualities and you’ll get to know whether she is wife material or not.

1. Beautiful inside out

Physical appearance or outer beauty is important, no doubt. It is the first thing a person is attracted to and also it is important because if you are not attracted to somebody you can’t love that person. But being beautiful from inside is also important. Outer beauty will fade with time, but inner will always be there. So, a woman with humble, caring nature is a type of wife you need.

2. You’re her one true love

Love is vital in a relationship, but you don’t need to change yourself for this. If the girl tries to change you or your little habits and you are not comfortable with it then stop and think. Change is good sometimes, it’s good when you yourself want to change for her, but if you are not okay then you are not her one true love.

3. She supports you

If a woman sacrifice her wishes for your dreams, then marry her. Marry someone who believes in you and your dreams, who will always support you no matter what. Don’t plan to spend your life with someone who doesn’t motivate you at any stage of life.

4. She loves the ones you love

If she cares for the people you care for or for her your friends and family is important just because you value them, then she is someone who deserves your time and life.

5. Best friend turned wife

If you can share all your worries with her, if you can tell her every insecurity of yours and you don’t feel weak in front her when telling all this. Then she is the right girl. With whom you can lighten up your burdens and you can trust her no matter what.

6. You change into a better person for her

If being around her makes you aware of your terrible attributes, if being with her urges you to abandon the parts of your character that you’d be better without than she’s somebody you need to focus on.

7. She is realistic

If she doesn’t live in fantasies instead she is mature enough to accept the realities. If she accepts your flaws and accept that perfect appearance or body doesn’t matter that much, then she is wife material.

8. She is fun to hang out with

If you forget all tension and stress when you are with her, if she can make you laugh and you both can laugh together without worrying what people will think about you then you can consider her marrying.

9. She trusts you

Trust isn’t anything but difficult to get a hold of. If she will put your pledge before her companions or before her relative’s oath, she believes you. Furthermore, if she can give you 100% of her trust, don’t give her reason to take even 1 % back. You’re a fortunate man if your better half trusts you.

10. She is mature

If she is well organized and handles everything with great patience and doesn’t get hyper if something is not right, then she is the right choice.