You Will Know With 10 Differences If You Are In A Relationship With A Girl Or A Lady

Age as a matter of fact is not under discussion here. Emotional maturity defines if you are in a relationship with a girl or a lady. The point of importance is how well she carries her personality, mannerism, philosophy, and demeanor.

Some of them attain maturity of thoughts and the importance of relationships at a very early age while many don’t get it even in their older years. As mentioned before, the difference between a girl and a lady is not linked with the age factor rather the distinction is made with the understanding of character and values. An emotionally mature girl feels love in depth and turns her relationship with you into something special and sustainable.

Your relationship will survive extraordinary challenges when both of you will deal with your issues on a mature approach. The following differences may help you to know if your relationship is with a girl or a lady:

1- It’s obvious that an immature girl will gossip about the private things in her relationship with her friends but a lady will respect the idea of discretion and keeping the details of the intimate moments in between her and her partner.

2- Before you two decide to marry, a lady will insist to be financially independent and rely on her own resources but a girl will, from the start, make you pay for her provisions.

3- You will always have to make up for your interactions with other women when you are in a relationship with a girl. She will hardly understand your acquaintances and will demand for explanation at every time. However, in a relationship with a lady, you don’t have to explain for your dealings because she will respect your space and life outside the relationship.

4- A lady will be beautiful from inside and outside. Her attributes will sometime outshine her physical features and that will make you fall for her, again and again. While, living with a girl, you will feel that she is obsessed over her physical appearance and pay no regard to her personality and mannerism.

5- An immature girl is always in pursuit after men and will be desperate to change her status from single to being in a relationship. A lady is not afraid and reckless if she couldn’t find a nice man. She will wait for the right time and for the right guy to fall in love.

6- It is hardly possible that a girl desires to turn a dating relationship into a marriage bond; she is not enthused about long-term relationship. She will be more content on being someone’s girlfriend than being a full-time wife; she is not ready for this responsibility. On the other hand, a lady would never settle for anything less than a reliable partner, who she can trust with heart and soul.

7- A girl tries to be at the center stage and needs attention of the world 24/7. A lady is concerned with getting attention of her guy and nothing else seems important to her in life.

8- It is very important for a lady to put forth her best version and not change as per the demand of men. She would not consider a guy with who she wouldn’t feel comfortable at all. While a girl will try to win over a guy at any cost and will not hesitate to do whatever he demands at his pleasure.

9- Life of other people will be the strings in the hand of a girl, and she would like to play with those strings as per her own wish. She likes more to talk about other than her own life. A lady is totally opposite and feels disgusted even on the thought to pry someone’s life.

10- A girl is clingy about her relationship and doesn’t approve of life outside the relationship. However, a lady loves to spend her individual time and keeps an active life apart from the relationship with a man.  Her individuality differentiates her from a girl.

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