Monthly Archive: March 2015

Messy Long Ponytail

Loose ponytail

Crunching all your hair in one loop is an old story to nail the ponytail. Latest fashions put emphasis on having a loose ponytail to be in the vogue-formal occasions included as well. Hair...

Hottest Short Hairstyles

Short Red Hairstyles

In today’s modern world we see many new women hairstyles. Some hairstyles are for long hair and some hairstyles are for short hair. Here we will discuss about hairstyles for short hair. Short hairstyles...

15 Best Workout for fitness

15 Best Workout for fitness

Nathalie Schyllert Her high spirits never left her shattered when she left ballerina training due to injury and worked towards an athletic and sporty body, later, which grants her fame to endorse world’s famous...